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Hétfő: 9:30-11:00

Iroda: Boszorkány u. 2. B233 

Telefon: 23851

e-mail: zamek kukac vili pont pmmf pont hu 

e-mail: zamek at vili dot pmmf dot hu

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"Az Orwell által elképzelt totális diktatúra nem egyik napról a másikra jön létre...
az apró szabadságjogok és a privacy állandó megnyirbálása fog elvezetni hozzá." 
(New Scientist Editorial, 2001. május 5.)

Az idézet 4 hónappal 911 előtt született!




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Somewhere in the world
Are friends I've missed from long ago
Could be drifting by the wayside
Or even dead - I just don't know
And now my memories are fading
Like melting footprints in the snow

Sometimes a dream will haunt me
And I see a young girl's face
Was she once for real
And did she really share my space
Within the swirling mists of time
It's hard to keep a track of year and place

I thought about my mother
When she was young and on the road
Hanging out with my musicians
Or camping out in forest groves
Like gray mists conceal horizons
I miss those times we'll share no more

So far my life's a journey
And even if I could I wouldn't change a thing
All those years of bold adventures
The highs and lows that make me sing
Within the swirling mists of time
Such sweet memories sitll often ring